We believe that technology increases operational efficiency.
We help businesses and organisations lead and inform their employees, customers and distribution channels.
How do we do it? By making the training process efficient. We have been doing that for more than 10 years now, and we’re good at it.

But more than anything, Onyx is about people.
It’s important to us that every team member feels good about what they do and how they do it.

It’s important to us that our customers are happy with our collaboration. Our aim is always – yes, you read that right: ALWAYS – focused on the customer. No one night stands: this is about long-term relationships.

There is someone for everyone, and for you, that someone is us.
Allow us to introduce our team. They are all can-do people, experts in their field.
Because you don’t become an Onyx team member like that; you have to earn it.

Geert Peter

Our Leading Chief

By all means, you could call Geert Peter the captain of the ship. He’s at the helm, charts the course, guides the ship safely in and out the various ports, and ensures that the crew is on the same wavelength. Struggling with a problem that’s driving you up the wall? Ask Geert Peter to find a solution.

With an engineering diploma in his pocket, Geert Peter has been involved in a family business for twelve years, specialising in the packaging of chemicals. But then he remembered his childhood dream: to become an inventor. Geert Peter sold the business and went all out to follow his passion: technology.

If you ask him what he loves doing more than anything, the answer is: transforming ideas into solutions. It looks very much as if “captain” Geert Peter has fulfilled his childhood dream with Onyx.

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Our Driving Force

To fly an F16: that was Katrijn’s dream when she was a girl. Fortunately for Onyx, she now gets her kicks from a streamlined organization, a strong team and satisfied customers.
She calls herself a generalist, rather than a specialist: Katrijn likes to taste a little of everything.

She loves languages and sciences, as well as maths and economics. And that’s why she manages to combine the most diverse tasks within Onyx, from accounting to administration, with a touch of project management and human resources. Because lots of variation keeps her on her toes.

Guess what Katrijn’s motto is? One inch more. Always doing just that little bit extra. Does she ever take a break? Of course she does. When she wants to withdraw into her own world, she loves to settle down on the couch with a good book. But only after she’s dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s. One inch more, remember?


Our Creative Communicator

Marjan is the driving force behind our marketing. She fills our Onyx One blog with interesting news and sends out the newsletter.
Marjan likes to keep things short and concise. If you are flooded with information about online learning and find it difficult to see the wood for the trees, Marjan will clearly summarise the facts for you.

She has that rare talent of making difficult things seem easy, and complex matters simple.
Before she moved to France to run a bed-and-breakfast, Marjan worked as a journalist, first for the printed media, later for television. She is creative, curious, and sensitive by nature. Her feelers are constantly up, scanning non-stop for the latest trends in social media.
As a social media expert, her aim is not only to start up a dialogue, but to also keep the interaction alive. That’s her passion. Every day on our Facebook page, our LinkedIn Company Page. Have we already mentioned that Marjan is at home in any virtual market?

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Our Empathic Problem Solver

Shu-Hsiang, but Tommy to his friends. In Chinese, his first name means “stack of books that brings happiness”. For Onyx, “Tommy” is more a synonym for “brainbox that brings happiness” because, thanks to his analytical ability, the amount of grey brain cells in the office has increased significantly.

His job? Analysing the business processes and the needs of the market and distilling out the necessary functionalities for Onyx One, and directing the team of programmers. A job that’s just right for him!

The digitisation of ‘learning’ is not an option for Tommy, it’s a must! The pursuit of the right proportions of development perspectives and learning efficiency intrigues him as much as the meaning of life. Knowing, understanding and interpretation are therefore the preferred terms in his dictionary.

In addition to the word “love”, of course.

Because it was the love that ultimately brought him to Belgium. He finds cute Flemish girls who love pancakes irresistible. And eating chips, because in that area, Tommy is a true Belgian.

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Our Down-to-earth Go-getter

Véronique is our Project Administrator. She is responsible for the support and improvement of the e-learning (HSSE) portal.
Why does she give this job everything she has? Because she simply loves new challenges in which she can combine her language skills with her experience in database management and customer service.

Véronique opted for Onyx because the mentality of the company and the values of the O-team suited her like a hand in a glove.
Moreover, she can work part-time, so that she still has time for her little ones.
Customer satisfaction is Véronique’s number one principle. With a professional bachelor in Office Management in her pocket, she knows like no other how to approach things.
She is to the point, interested, and has an eye for detail.
What’s more, with her enthusiasm, fresh perspective and positive attitude, Véronique is a true added-value for our team.

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Our Punctual Resting Point

Convivial and punctual? These are two characteristics that set Maya apart. Helping customers and training people are tasks that suit her down to the ground. Understanding systems and then passing on her knowledge, that’s what she likes to do.
And our customers like Maya!

As a child Maya dreamed of becoming a primary school teacher. But when she had finished her teaching training, this good-natured lady decided to use her skills in a competitive environment. Onyx was glad to take the unique opportunity to employ her.

Maya is enthusiastic and patient. “Live and let live” is her motto, and she likes the simple things in life. Good food, a nice walk… anything that involves good company.
And with Maya among our staff, Onyx proves that professionalism can also be approachable and friendly.

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Our Studious Smiley Face

The learning culture and opportunity to develop. That is why Amelie chooses Onyx.
This eager and motivated young mother loves a bit of healthy pressure.
“It makes me want to give the best of myself, every day,” she says.

With a diploma in ‘teacher biology and physical education’, this job was not the most obvious choice. Amelie disagrees. ‘Processing new information quickly, communicating in a clear way, it all comes in handy.’

Amelie is a born organizer. Fast switching between different tasks? She does it without any difficulty. This without losing sight of the overview or the priorities set.

Amelie looks up to strong women with vision. And she is able to stand up for herself. If Amelie does not agree with you, you will hear it. Expressing your own opinion does not stand in the way of a good atmosphere at the office. ‘Onyx is a warm company full of people who carry out their job with passion. There is open communication. Your opinions and ideas really count. ‘

Why Amelie fits so well with Onyx? They have the same attitude.
‘I can, I will, end of story!’

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Oyxer Lennert


Our Thoughtful Geek

Meet Lennert, the youngest member of the Onyx team.
Lennert ensures that working with our contractor platform Onyx One is a walk in the park. How he succeeds in doing just that? By keeping a close eye on user-friendliness and by adjusting the code where necessary. Moreover, he puts his shoulder to the wheel when developing our future applications.

Lennert, who just graduated from school and studied Applied Informatics, is our very own geek. Except for a game of badminton (or two) to stay in shape, this math whiz lives for and with computers. “If you make a new app, you start from scratch. I love creating and the freedom that comes with it. ”

With his excellent reflection ability, he is an asset to the team, even though he does not really say much. To comply with the cliché of the real programmer, Lennert is introvert and appears rather shy. Fortunately, appearances are deceiving and when he answers, it’s always thoughtful and well considered.

The print on his t-shirt summarises it sharply: “Talk is cheap, show me the code.”

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Our Language Proficient Optimist

Meet Alexandra. Her job? Improving the overall Onyx One experience for our customers and partners. This little filly expresses herself fluently in different languages ​​and is a true people’s person. Alexandra has an eye for technical details and does not like negativity.

“I can only function well in a company where there is harmony. For me it is important to work with people who focus on performing their work with a smile. Who use each other’s strengths smartly and get the best out of it. Only in this way can you ensure quality in a rapidly changing environment.”

Alexandra has experience in customer service, which means she does not shy away from stressful situations. “I am self-assured and positive, a bit of stress won’t get me down.”

Her studies “economics and international business management” were the best way for Alexandra to combine her love for languages ​​with her affinity for mathematics. “It also gave me the technical baggage that I needed to start this journey.”

This out-of-the-box thinker loves to cook, is an avid lecturer and prefers to spend her free time outside in forests and on mountains.

Her favorite quote: “Keep your face to the sunshine and you’ll never see a shadow.”

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