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Onyx online learning safety training


Online customised safety training courses represent the most effective way to prevent accidents ….

Onyx Online Learning offers an extremely comprehensive and visually attractive portal to enable you to visualise and monitor the entire scope of your onboarding projects.

Onyx Online Learning Simulation Training

Simulation Training is a trend in the business world. It is a powerful tool for teaching processes and skills and avoiding mistakes.

Onyx Online Learning: e-Learning for companies

When an employer invests in education, courses and refresher programmes, he wants to see results. Training with e-Learning not only takes into account “what” is taught, but also “how”. Studies show that there are factors affecting user motivation and participation:

Onyx Online Learning: e-Learning for companies

The top 20 of the best performing companies in our country. What is their secret? They deliberately invest in the training of their staff. Because the success of any business or organisation depends on the knowledge and skills of their employees.
The figures speak for themselves:

  • better service provision
  • better quality products
  • 25% less staff turnover
  • 32% less absenteeism

What is e-Learning?
The collective term for various forms of computer-assisted (interactive) training, education and courses. The curriculum is offered in the form of online modules.
These modules are always available, and can be followed on any computer, tablet or phone. They are custom-made in order to achieve very specific learning targets.
The student is guided through the course step by step in the form of an interactive film (graphic design and/or video), After each module, the student takes a quiz to check whether the material was understood. And if he succeeds? The employer is sure that the learning objective has been achieved. All the test results are logged by the system.


Fewer indirect costs
The available budget can be used to develop and provide training courses and education. You do not have to take into account any travel expenses, overtime, accommodation expenses and the costs of renting a venue or a teacher.
Always up-to-date
The subject matter can be quickly adapted. In this way, the module can grow along with the learning needs of the business.
Rapid distribution
Through the use of the Internet, you can make use of e-Learning in several branches, anywhere in the world.
Large groups
You want to train five persons or 1,000? When using e-Learning, the number of participants is immaterial. Once purchased, can you use the module again and again.
A la carte
The student can himself choose the relevant subject matter and determine the location, time and the pace with which he follows the e-Learning course.
The entry and finishing level of the student, the efforts actually made, and the achievements are recorded and evaluated.
Each participant may follow the e-learning module at any time and at any location. In this way, you can avoid delays due to lack of trainers or appropriate venues.
How does that work again?
On completion of the course, the student can consult the material (or a portion of the e-Learning) again at any time in order to refresh his knowledge.
Quality at all times
By making use of specific learning goals and test modules, and with an accurate follow-up, you are always sure of the quality of training with e-Learning.


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Invest in training as an SME? No way! Is Online Learning or e-Learning really not for you? Sure!
Recent research proves the opposite. The results are clear: inadequate training stands in the way of your team achieving its ideal performance.

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