Onyx One, e-learning for GMP.
Onyx One, e-learning for GMP.

The quality of the product can only be ensured if the entire production process is carried out in a precisely prescribed and controlled manner.
This type of production is referred to as Good Manufacturing Practice, and is a requirement in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Employees, contractors and suppliers must know and implement your GMP guidelines.
Onyx One, your e-Learning and qualification platform, streamlines the GMP process.

Training via e-Learning
The e-Learning modules are tailor-made according to the training needs of your company, and are available online 24 hours a day. This means that a contractor or supplier can also follow your e-Learning course before he enters the company.
Every kind of learning need (from knowledge transfer to qualification) requires a different type of e-Learning approach. By preparing a learning ID and mapping the learning goals, you can be sure about the effectiveness of your training/qualification.

Testing via e-Learning
After going through an e-Learning module, each participant can take a test. If a component was not understood, he/she can go through the teaching material again, and then retest. In this way, you can be sure that the material has been understood correctly. Moreover, you can keep an eye on the components followed and the test results.

Monitoring your employees, contractors and suppliers
Onyx One is not only a learning platform, but also a contract management system.
Your contractors or suppliers upload their administrative data just once: certificates, accident statistics, insurance policies or evidence. In short, all the administrative documents that you need in order to guide the cooperation in the right direction. The platform also carefully monitors the expiry dates of certificates and important documents.

Multi -company
Do you have multiple branches or do you share premises with other companies? Onyx One is also the solution here. The platform allows you to work with multiple companies. In this way, you only need a contractor or supplier to register once and, for example, attend a safety training course before starting work .

Summary of the benefits

  • The qualification process takes place online. There is no need to book teachers or classrooms. Participants do not have to travel.
  • Anyone who follows the course can start work immediately.
  • E-Learning is effective. Each trainee receives exactly the same information.
  • Contractors and suppliers upload their documents themselves. You decide what they should deliver.
  • Are you quickly looking for the right person to carry out the job? In Onyx One, you can immediately see which third party has the necessary qualifications.

Working with Onyx One
We provide free training for your internal employees and for third parties.
European, and therefore adapted
Onyx One
was developed according to European law, and is thereby fully adapted to the requirements that are placed on your business. You will therefore never be confronted with rules that do not apply here.

Invest in training as an SME? No way! Is Online Learning or e-Learning really not for you? Sure!
Recent research proves the opposite. The results are clear: inadequate training stands in the way of your team achieving its ideal performance.

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