When an employer invests in education, courses and refresher programmes, he wants to see results. Training with e-Learning not only takes into account “what” is taught, but also “how”. Studies show that there are factors affecting user motivation and participation:

  • function-relatedness
  • the manner of knowledge transfer
  • the “fear of change”

Online e-Learning modules have been specially developed to break that resistance. With the result that employees ‘like’ learning, and therefore learn ‘better’.

Motivating by bending resistance
In e-Learning modules, learning motivation is stimulated by the use of playful elements. The employee is aurally and visually involved in the learning material. In this way, his resistance (I have to do this) is turned into active participation (I want to do this).
In order to strengthen the motivation of the participants, game elements are also used in the test phase of the module to be learned. The material is made accessible to any target group by the frequent use of quizzes.
No long texts, unnecessary scrolling or clicking – learning has never been such fun!

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