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Online onboarding that is tailored to your company ensures that the induction process is fast and structured. But what precisely is onboarding?

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Induction or onboarding refers to the mechanism that enables new employees to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in order to optimise their performance as soon as possible. Research has shown that these socialisation techniques lead to positive results for new employees: higher job satisfaction, better job performance, greater involvement and less staff turnover.

New employees: the facts
  • 86% make the decision to stay or leave after 6 months
  • 35% leave within 2 years
  • half of your employees will be replaced after 3 to 5 years
  • cost for each replacement: 100% of the gross annual salary
  • only productive after 1 year
Onboarding: the results
  • Productive after 4 months at the most
  • 25% less staff turnover
  • 70% more involvement
  • 30% less absenteeism due to illness
  • 42% reduction in work stress
Your tailor-made onboarding project

What exactly does an onboarding project involve?
Practical regulations, corporate culture, job descriptions, objectives, …
in short: everything! that is included in the induction training course for your new colleagues.

Onyx Online Learning offers an extremely comprehensive and visually attractive portal to enable you to visualise and monitor the entire scope of your onboarding projects. In this way, the process that your new employees will follow will be structured, and both you and your employees will maintain an overview at all times.
Companies that have become acquainted with our portal are wildly enthusiastic.

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