Is the integration, training and evaluation of your employees and/or subcontractors of great importance to you?

Do you think in terms of SAFETY – EFFICIENCY – ACCOUNTABILITY?
Rely on the qualification- and learningplatform Onyx One to train, qualify and monitor your employees/contractors/subcontractors.


What is Onyx One?
Onyx One is an online qualification and learning platform to manage and monitor your contractors/subcontractors.

  • How does it work?
    Your contractors fill in their business details on Onyx One. The platform centralizes the data and ensures a consistent follow-up. You will also use the platform to train your contractors online.
  • Are you looking for a qualified subcontractor?
    Have you drawn up a qualification profile for the contractor company and contractor staff? With Onyx One you can immediately see whether your contractor meets all your requirements.
  • Are all required certificates and documents up- to-date?
    With Onyx One all your contractor company’s data is available online. Furthermore, the platform features an automatic expiration date control.
    Your contractor will be automatically notified and urged to keep his profile and information up-to-date.
  • Does your contractor have significant tax debts?
    With Onyx One you have a module to determine whether you are subject to withholding obligations.
  • Do you move across different platforms or levels to carry out a job?
    With Onyx One, qualifications are always adjusted to the required level of safety.
    Train your contractors before they start? With Onyx One your contractors can learn through an online training program and testing modules. Your contractor is ready to start upon completing the training provided when he enters the company.

Do you work for multiple companies? Do you want to start working immediately and waste no time providing your company information and keeping it up-to-date?
With Onyx One you can manage your business information and the certificates of your company and employees online.

  • What is Onyx One?
    Onyx One is an online platform designed to facilitate and streamline cooperation between your company and your clients.
  • How to proceed?
    You create a company profile and upload your company information (insurance, certificates, etc.). Once you have completed this, your information will be available online.
  • What are the advantages?
    You don’t need to provide your data over and over again. With one simple click, your clients will have access to all the information they request.
  • Automatic expiration date control.
    You will be timely notified when a certificate or insurance is no longer valid. This way, your information will always be up-to-date.
  • Online safety training
    Should your employees complete a safety training before they have access to a company? This can also be done online if it suits you best. So you won’t waste any of your time.
  • Working with multiple teams.
    With Onyx One each project manager can manage his team data separately.
    You retain the overview. Only one login is required to access all your clients.

Onyx One is a Learning Management System, also called LMS.
With this tool you can plan and manage your employees’ training.
With Onyx One LMS you can track the results of the different kinds of training.

  • Online and offline, both internally and externally.
  • Keep a complete overview.
  • Upload eLearning modules.
  • Assign courses to individuals or groups.
  • Manage users and connect to your internal HRM system.
  • Register external training results.
  • Monitor participants results
  • Issue certificates
  • Keep track of your employees’ entire learning record

Please ask, Onyx has the answer.

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